Xc & All mountain

Welcome to the beautiful city of Budapest!

Many people don’t know but the mountains around Budapest involves grate seen of MTB for all levels and for every discipline of riding. Starting with XC and Am up to Enduro and Downhill.   

One of the main locations we love to start with thanks to the big amounts of variations for mtb.

Explore the beautiful suburb-city of Szentendre with a scenic ride up the Danube and enjoy the sights and tastes this little cultural gem has to offer. 

Escape the hustle and bustle of the city and ride into the Buda-hills to see the lush forests, hidden restaurants and panoramic look-outs that are too often overlooked by tourists. 

Lets Take a Look at the Journey

Szentendre Tour

Ride along the scenic banks of the Danube and enjoy the rich culture of food, art and wine that the beautiful city of Szentendre has to offer. Return to the city with a leisurely boat cruise down the Danube.

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Jon Vancova

I had a wonderful time! I love mountains. I had very much time spent on preparing to my first mountain climb. I loved how trainers and instructors helped me and the other guys from my group. There were neither difficulties nor problems. I got memorable impressions and I will come back!

Chandra Vancova

I’m an experienced climber and I went to an expedition with my friends. I loved friendly atmosphere and professional attitude of our instructors. We climbed the mountain effortlessly and everybody were happy! This sport is for adventurous and brave people. Thanks for awesome time!